I firmly believe that education is the pathway for success for my children and for yours. Every child deserves a great education.  I send my kids to their neighborhood Mesa Public School for a hundred reasons, and one of them–albeit a really important reason–is academics.  But I also send them to learn to enjoy extra-curricular activities, to learn lessons of teamwork in sports, to get along with people from different backgrounds, to learn to meet the requirements of lots of teachers, and to find a talent or passion they didn’t know they had.  I want all students to leave prepared for college, community and careers. Taylor and Abby First dayMy daughter, Abby, on the left and her friend, Taylor.  First Day of School, senior year, Westwood High School, 2018

Rex and Riggs First DayOur 2 youngest sons, Riggs and Rex.  First day of 5th & 10th grade, Emerson & Westwood, 2018