I have long been in awe of all that Claudia has done to serve Mesa and her neighborhood. Her selflessness is a great example to me. I appreciate her endorsement:

“Jenny Richardson is just what I look for in a school board candidate. She not only understands education, she is also the parent of Mesa school children. Jenny doesn’t just talk a good game, she does the work necessary for success.” Claudia Walters, former MPS Board Member and Mesa City Councilwoman/Vice MayorClaudia W EndorsE FINAL-001

Claudia Walters

So thankful for the endorsement of Mayor John and Dawn Giles–they are tireless advocates for Mesa.

“As parents, and now grandparents, of students in Mesa’s public schools, we want the best education possible for all of Mesa’s children. That’s why we wholeheartedly endorse Jenny Richardson for the Mesa Public School’s Governing Board. Jenny has proven to be a voice of reason and consistency for both teachers and families. She has the experience and commitment necessary to keep Mesa moving forward and to navigate the future of public education. Jenny knows that successful neighborhood schools, where children thrive, are the backbone of a strong community. We are grateful that Jenny Richardson is willing to continue serving on the Governing Board and ask you to join us in supporting her.”
Giles FINAL endorsement-001

Mayor John and Dawn Giles

For the first time this year, Kate and Jay have all of their children in school–with the youngest in speech pre-school. Now Kate spends her Mondays volunteering at the elementary school, serving the teachers that are working to serve her children by strength and need. Jay and Kate are both tireless supporters of me, and I couldn’t campaign without them. I appreciate their endorsement–and their work!
“Jenny Richardson is a believer. She believes in the power of education to make the lives of all children better and she works to make that happen. She believes in Mesa Public Schools and works to help our district keep up with changing and growing demands. Join us in voting for Jenny.”–Kate and Jay Arnett

Kate and Jay Endorsement-001


Jay & Kate Arnett

Clint, a Mesa Police Sergeant and Adell, a teacher, have become regulars on the volunteer circuit as their family has grown.  They are a great examples of getting in there and doing the hard things that make their neighborhood great. I am thankful for all the service they render and their endorsement!Atwood Endorsement-001.jpg

“It is with great confidence that we endorse Jenny Richardson for the Mesa School Board.  We have known Jenny personally for more than a dozen years, and have been extremely impressed with her ongoing community involvement, her compassionate and fair opinions, and her high level of integrity.  She has been equally commendable in her representation while on the school board.  We are long-time Mesa residents with three children who attend a neighborhood MPS school.  While volunteering at various school events over the years, we have noticed Jenny’s consistent involvement and interaction with our children’s school–as well as many other Mesa Public Schools–as she has served on the school board.  We can attest to the fact that Jenny has the best interest of Mesa schools, administrators, teachers and students. She works tirelessly to be an advocate for those she has been elected to serve and is a driving force for good who has made a genuine difference in our schools & surrounding community.  Jenny has our wholehearted support to continue serving on the school board. We strongly encourage you to mark her name on the ballot for the upcoming election.  As her slogan states, she truly has Mesa in mind with every decision she makes.”

–Clint & Adell Atwood

Clint & Adell Atwood

Wes and Courtney Davis are part of the team that oversees a local Little League.  They spend countless hours volunteering their time to make sure that hundreds of children have great experiences playing ball and that families get a chance to be with their neighbors.  Their service doesn’t stop there–they are always the first to help their neighborhood schools.  They are a great asset to Mesa and I am so grateful for their endorsement.

“We both grew up attending Mesa Schools and next year all 4 of our children will be in Mesa Public Schools.

We have watched Jenny spend countless hours in classrooms, on field trips, ballgames, open houses, book fairs, PTO meetings and many other school events.  Jenny is out in the community and knows what is going on.  She truly wants what is best for our children and schools.  We are continually amazed at all Jenny accomplishes and our beyond grateful for her service on the school board!  We love Jenny!”

–Wes and Courtney DavisDavis Endorsement-001

Wes & Courtney Davis

Like many families, the Jeff and Shauna have chosen to send their children to their neighborhood schools, where they are always volunteering their time and help. I am proud of the choices MPS offers families like mine, and work so that every choice can give their children a great education. Thanks for the endorsement, Jeff and Shauna.

“Shauna and I have 5 kids, and were ourselves raised in the MPS system. We have chosen to stay here and raise our kids here, and we’re glad we did! We love Mesa Public Schools for the broad experience our kids receive to prepare them for their futures. They see plenty of different cultures, opinions, teaching styles, and talent, which we hope they’ll emulate in their own lives. Jenny Richardson has been a wonderful advocate and carries a vision of what MPS can be. Jenny is organized, efficient, and has a sound mind. We support her fully and invite you to join us in voting for Jenny this November!” –Jeff and Shauna ArnettJeff Arnett Endorsement-001

Jeff & Shauna Arnett

I don’t think I have had a kinder endorsement. Jerry and Janet live lives full of service to their community. They want good things for everyone who lives here and are willing to do the work to make them happen. I’m so thankful for their support.

“We chose to move to Mesa 36 years ago in large part because of the stellar reputation of Mesa Public Schools. Each of our children attended Mesa Public Schools where they received a solid academic foundation for their post-secondary studies and careers.

We need school board members who have the mental capacity to understand the complex issues facing public schools, the genuine desire and commitment to serve without hidden agendas or political aspiration, and the proven leadership skills to leverage that capacity, desire, and commitment for the good of Mesa and its families. Jenny Richardson fits the bill!

We endorse Jenny Richardson and encourage you to vote for her. Her lifetime of service to Mesa, including her current position as a governing board member, demonstrate that she is qualified and deserves a second term to carry on the great legacy of Mesa Public Schools.”–Jerry and Janet LewisJerry Lewis Endorsement-001

Jerry & Janet Lewis

I really enjoyed serving with Ben on the school board my first two years and learned a lot from him. He and Sherri have become good friends and I am impressed with all the ways they find to serve those around them–and thankful for their endorsement.
“As graduates of Mesa Public Schools, and as parents of children attending Mesa Public Schools, we are happy to support Jenny once again! As a former fellow Mesa School Board member, we know that Jenny is dedicated, level-headed and works well with a wide variety of people. She takes the time to do her homework and fully understand the issues she is working on. Jenny always has Mesa families as her top priority. ”

Whiting Final Endorsement-001–Ben and Sherri Whiting

Ben & Sherri Whiting

You might recognize Jenee as the face of the Express Flooring, or maybe your kids have participated in one of her amazing summer musical camps, or maybe you know her as the director of the Easter Pageant on the grounds of the Mesa AZ LDS temple. She and Ivan inspire me and so many with their good deeds. I’m thankful for their endorsement.

“Our family is supporting Jenny Richardson because she is a “doer”. She is smart, resourceful, kind and practical. Jenny wants Mesa Public Schools to be amazing! She understands the community here and the great potential that is possible in our schools. Both Jenny and her husband attended MPS and all of her children have had (and still have) the opportunity to do so. She knows that MPS students and teachers are some of the best and brightest in the state. She truly cares about teachers. Jenny listens to their concerns and suggestions, then responds with great wisdom. She also understands that extra curricular actives are vital to the educational experience and overall performance of a child. She wants to see growth in test scores and more importantly, within the individual student. We will be voting for Jenny Richardson because we trust her to make educational
decisions that will enhance the future of our children.”

Ivan and Jenee PrincePrince Family Endorsement-001

Ivan & Jenee Prince

Kyle and Amie Johnson have a wonderful family and work hard to make MPS better for not just their kids, but lots of families who have children with a reading disability. I’m thankful for their endorsement.
“We are Kyle & Amie Johnson. We are products of Mesa Public Schools and have 5 children who have attended, or currently attend, a Mesa Public School. When our 5th child started school he was really struggling and eventually was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Jenny Richardson listened to our concerns regarding the lack of services for Dyslexic kids in MPS and encouraged us to speak at a School Board meeting on our child’s behalf. This led to much better services for our son and many other kids, who might easily fall through the cracks. We are lucky to have Jenny on the MPS board and so is Mesa.”–Kyle and Amie JohnsonJohnson family endorsement-001

Kyle & Amie Johnson