Adam and Melanie Brown are two of my favorite people. Driven by a desire to help others, I have seen them start scholarships, host donation drives and help teach their children to serve by helping them raise money through bake sales. Rarely have I seen people so dedicated to helping others, and I’m so inspired by them. I feel honored to have their endorsement.

“We love Mesa Public Schools. We both attended Emerson and Carson and we graduated from Westwood together. Now, we love to hear our daughters tell us about their Emerson teachers that we had when we were there. (Shout out to the PE teacher, Mr. C!) We’re glad to have people like Jenny Richardson keep Mesa Public Schools thriving and successful. We are confident in Jenny’s sincere dedication to making our schools safe, inspiring places to learn. We support Jenny Richardson for Mesa School Board.” -Adam and Melanie (Glass) BrownAdam Brown Endorsement-001

― Adam & Melanie Brown