It is great to have friends you can talk education with! Carol is one of my oldest friends and her endorsement means so much–especially because she knows so much about me! 🤨 She is a marvelous teacher and she represents the thousands of dedicated teachers who serve our students. I’m thankful for her lifetime of support and encouragement.
“I have known Jenny Richardson for 44 years and when she says she has Mesa in mind she really does have Mesa in mind. Mesa is the place where she grew up. Mesa is the place where she has chosen to raise her family. Mesa is the place where she has chosen to educate her children and the place where she has always been actively involved in education. Mesa is the place were she has chosen to serve her community and exert her influence for the betterment of Mesa Public schools. What’s more, I have known her professionally. I am a fourth-grade teacher in Mesa Public Schools and have had the occasion to interact with Jenny as a parent who is involved with her local schools and also as a member of the school board. Jenny Richardson is exactly what Mesa Public Schools needs to continue to serve on the school board. Her history with the school board over the last four years has been right on and I am certain that she will continue in the same path of excellent service.”


–Carol and Garrett Smith

― Garrett & Carol Smith