Kyle and Amie Johnson have a wonderful family and work hard to make MPS better for not just their kids, but lots of families who have children with a reading disability. I’m thankful for their endorsement.
“We are Kyle & Amie Johnson. We are products of Mesa Public Schools and have 5 children who have attended, or currently attend, a Mesa Public School. When our 5th child started school he was really struggling and eventually was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Jenny Richardson listened to our concerns regarding the lack of services for Dyslexic kids in MPS and encouraged us to speak at a School Board meeting on our child’s behalf. This led to much better services for our son and many other kids, who might easily fall through the cracks. We are lucky to have Jenny on the MPS board and so is Mesa.”–Kyle and Amie JohnsonJohnson family endorsement-001

― Kyle & Amie Johnson