Pete and Melanie are like a lot of families in Mesa.
They love their kids and are involved in everything from PTO to Football boosters to Cheer Fundraisers to help make those activities successful for everyone. Their support means the world to me!

“We currently have four children enrolled in Mesa Public Schools. We understand how important it is to elect strong leaders to our school board. That is why we strongly support Jenny Richardson to remain on the Mesa School Board. We have known Jenny for years and know how hard she works to be an advocate for strong public schools. She is tireless in her efforts to promote policies that enable teachers and students to succeed in the classroom. Join us in voting for Jenny Richardson.”
Melanie & Pete DriggsDriggs Final Endorsement 2-001

Pete & Melanie Driggs

Warren & Melissa are always on the front lines working to make their neighborhood better. I’m so happy to have their endorsement.
“Being both products of Mesa Public Schools ourselves and having all of our children attend MPS, we understand something about community investment. Jenny Richardson has always been a tireless advocate for Mesa’s schools, it’s neighborhoods, and it’s families. She’s a community asset that we can’t afford to not re-elect!”

–Warren & Melissa Bodine

Bodine family endorsement-001

Warren & Melissa Bodine

Families like these are why our schools are great. They give and give. Among dozens of things–Alyson volunteers her time accompanying choirs and students and Jeff is the guy you want on your boosters. I’m thankful for their endorsement.
“We are the Dale family. Our children are fourth generation Mesa Public Schools students. Mesa schools matter to us! And that’s why we support Jenny Richardson for school board. Because Mesa schools matter to her, too. As a mother, a former teacher and a product of Mesa Public Schools, Jenny understands what it takes to give our kids the great education they deserve! Please join us in voting for Jenny Richardson for school board.”

–Jeff and Alyson Dale

Dale family endorsement-001

Jeff & Alyson Dale

It is great to have friends you can talk education with! Carol is one of my oldest friends and her endorsement means so much–especially because she knows so much about me! 🤨 She is a marvelous teacher and she represents the thousands of dedicated teachers who serve our students. I’m thankful for her lifetime of support and encouragement.
“I have known Jenny Richardson for 44 years and when she says she has Mesa in mind she really does have Mesa in mind. Mesa is the place where she grew up. Mesa is the place where she has chosen to raise her family. Mesa is the place where she has chosen to educate her children and the place where she has always been actively involved in education. Mesa is the place were she has chosen to serve her community and exert her influence for the betterment of Mesa Public schools. What’s more, I have known her professionally. I am a fourth-grade teacher in Mesa Public Schools and have had the occasion to interact with Jenny as a parent who is involved with her local schools and also as a member of the school board. Jenny Richardson is exactly what Mesa Public Schools needs to continue to serve on the school board. Her history with the school board over the last four years has been right on and I am certain that she will continue in the same path of excellent service.”


–Carol and Garrett Smith

Garrett & Carol Smith

Shauna Gleason is THAT mom at her kids’ elementary school in Mesa. She is driven and capable and willing to go the second and third mile to make her school great for her kids and for all the kids in her area. I’m proud to have her endorsement.
“My name is Shauna Gleason and I have lived in Mesa, Arizona my whole life. My children are 3rd generation Mesa Public School students. I love my schools and my children’s teachers. The teachers my children have had care about their students and work countless hours to make sure the kids are learning in a fun and safe environment.
Jenny is the only board member and running candidate that has children currently in Mesa Public Schools. She wants to be on the MPS Board to help her children and ours! She cares, she serves countless hours to those in need and supports our teachers, parents and children.
We need to keep Jenny Richardson on our Mesa Public School Board!”

–Shauna and Brian Gleason

Gleason Family endorsement-001

Brian & Shauna Gleason

Damon & Colleen Wheeler are some of my favorite people–and getting to give their son a diploma this year at Mt. View’s graduation was a highlight. He’s an amazing kid–just like their other EIGHT children. They are active, thoughtful parents that serve their school communities in dozens of ways. I’m so grateful for their endorsement.

“We recently celebrated our family’s third graduate from a Mesa Public Schools high school and we look forward to our next six children following in their footsteps. We were especially honored to have Jenny Richardson present our son’s diploma. We are grateful for her efforts in behalf of the students in our community and wholeheartedly support her in her bid to continue serving on the School Board. Thank you Jenny!”

– Damon and Colleen WheelerWheeler Endorsement-001

Damon & Colleen Wheeler

I’ve seen Amy’s first graders sing the national anthem with such gusto it would make any veteran weep! She does such great things at Edison. Shawn has taught my children in the LDS seminary program and had a profound impact on them. They both build great people in their classrooms and understand the challenges facing families today. I am so grateful for their friendship and endorsement.

“Amy and I have lived in Mesa since 1994. I am a native of Arizona and my complete early education was through the Mesa Public School System graduating from Westwood. Our six children have also graduated from or are currently attending Mesa Public Schools. Amy currently is teaching full time at Edison Elementary School. We couldn’t think of a BETTER individual that we would endorse to represent us from all perspectives on the Mesa School Board than Jenny Richardson. We have known her for more than 30 years and she is an individual with the highest ideals. She understands the classroom and the needs of both the student and the teacher. She has our full support!!”
Shawn and Amy PetersonPeterson Endorsement-001

Shawn & Amy Peterson

I kind of think there is nothing that the Hansen family can’t accomplish. They are always energetic and looking for ways to build the teams and clubs their children participate in and they are willing to work hard to make things better for everyone. Thank you for your endorsement, Trevor and Shauna.

“Trevor and I are both graduates of MPS and our 8 children are former and current students in MPS. We love our schools and the education our children have received in them. Jenny Richardson is an alum and her kids are also former and current students with ours. She knows the district and cares deeply about what happens to our students. We look forward to voting for Jenny again. Please join us!” –Trevor and Shauna HansenTrevor Hansen Endorsement-001

Trevor & Shauna Hansen

Adam and Melanie Brown are two of my favorite people. Driven by a desire to help others, I have seen them start scholarships, host donation drives and help teach their children to serve by helping them raise money through bake sales. Rarely have I seen people so dedicated to helping others, and I’m so inspired by them. I feel honored to have their endorsement.

“We love Mesa Public Schools. We both attended Emerson and Carson and we graduated from Westwood together. Now, we love to hear our daughters tell us about their Emerson teachers that we had when we were there. (Shout out to the PE teacher, Mr. C!) We’re glad to have people like Jenny Richardson keep Mesa Public Schools thriving and successful. We are confident in Jenny’s sincere dedication to making our schools safe, inspiring places to learn. We support Jenny Richardson for Mesa School Board.” -Adam and Melanie (Glass) BrownAdam Brown Endorsement-001

Adam & Melanie Brown

The first time I went to a school board meeting, Mike was presiding as the Board President. He was so effective and thoughtful–he elevated everyone around him. I am sure you have seen him serving our community in one of a hundred places. I’m so grateful for his endorsement.

“Mesa is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. One of the things that makes it that way is Mesa Public Schools. Our campuses are vibrant places with high quality programs that will educate and prepare our students for the future. Jenny Richardson has served those schools well over that last four years. Her continued compassionate leadership is what we need to press for improvement and growth. Join me in voting for Jenny Richardson, Mesa School Board.” Mike Hughes, Member of Governing Board for 20 years, CEO for a New LeafMike Hughes-001

Mike Hughes