Beth Coon’s service to our community is legendary. Her leadership and service is unmatched and she is always focused on doing things that improve our community. We all benefit from her goodness and I am thrilled to have her endorsement.
“Jenny Richardson is exactly who we need on the Mesa School Board. She understands education from many perspectives: a former student and teacher, a taxpayer, and current board member and parent of Mesa School students. She works hard to hold our schools accountable and push them to be the best.”

–Beth Coons, Former MPS Board member, community volunteer extraordinaire

Beth Coons Endorsement -001

Beth Coons

Maybe one of my favorite things about serving in our community is the chance to rub shoulders with so many people who are actively engaged in making Mesa better. No one personifies this more than Deanna and Manny. They are fabulous supporters of MPS and I’m thrilled they are supporting me!

“We fully support Jenny Richardson for Mesa Public Schools Governing Board. We need leaders like Jenny who know the community, who know what it is like to have children in Mesa schools. Mesa needs champions like Jenny who will make sure that each and every child has an opportunity to succeed.”

–Manny Saucedo and Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo

Deanna & Manny Endorsement-001

Manny Saucedo and Deanna Villanuevo-Saucedo

I hope you all have the chance to see Nancie Lindblom in action. She is a gifted, caring teacher who makes a big difference in the lives of students. MPS is lucky to have her! Thank you for the endorsement, Nancie!

“Jenny Richardson has been a dedicated member of our school board who understands how to lead through actively visiting schools, engaging with students, and listening to teachers. She places the needs of students and teachers first which is why her exemplary leadership and support is what Mesa Public Schools needs.”

Nancie Lindblom
Teacher at Mountain View High School
2013 AZ Teacher of the YearNancie endorsement-001

AZ Teacher of the Year Nancie Lindblom

I so appreciate the endorsement of Mesa City Councilman Kevin Thompson. He and I agree on how important education is for the City of Mesa. A strong public school system keeps our property values high, crime low and helps attract quality businesses to Mesa.

“Mesa Public Schools is the largest school district in Arizona, and continues to be ranked as one of the top districts in Arizona. You don’t get there without great oversight by a highly performing school board, and that’s why I’m supporting Jenny Richardson for re-election to the Mesa School Board. Jenny is passionate about our community, passionate about education, and passionate about ensuring our children get a quality education in Mesa. She understands that our community succeeds only if our schools are successful, and that’s why I’m happy to support Jenny. Please join me in and vote Jenny Richardson.”

–Mesa Councilman Kevin Thompson

My Project 6-001

Councilman Kevin Thompson

You might know the Freemans because of their great corn sold on Brown and Center, but they’ve been serving their neighbors for years. I have heard Councilman Freeman described as “The Mayor of Lehi” because of the service he gives there. And his wife LeeAnn is just as good! I’m thankful for their endorsement.

“We are happy to endorse Jenny Richardson for Mesa School Board. Our family is a product of the Mesa Public School system and we know how important it is to elect individuals like Jenny who are engaged in making vital decisions on the school board. She will work for what is best for the education of our children and what is best for the educators. She’s been involved for years with her own family’s schooling, and listens to the concerns of parents, students, and school teachers alike. Please support Jenny Richardson.”
–Mesa City Councilmember Mark & LeeAnn Freeman

Freeman Endorsement Final-001

Councilman Mark and Leeann Freeman

I am so grateful to be endorsed by Vice Mayor David Luna. His willingness to sacrifice for Mesa is worth emulating.

“As a former MPS administrator and Vice Mayor for the City of Mesa, I fully endorsement Jenny Richardson. She is experienced, intelligent and capable leader that will move Mesa Public Schools forward. She understands the complexities of a school system and has the best interest of students and staff. Please join me in supporting Jenny Richardson for the Mesa Public Schools governing board.” Vice Mayor David Luna

david luna-001

Vice-Mayor David Luna

So thankful for the endorsement of Mayor John and Dawn Giles–they are tireless advocates for Mesa.

“As parents, and now grandparents, of students in Mesa’s public schools, we want the best education possible for all of Mesa’s children. That’s why we wholeheartedly endorse Jenny Richardson for the Mesa Public School’s Governing Board. Jenny has proven to be a voice of reason and consistency forboth teachers and families. She has the experience and commitment necessary to keep Mesa moving forward and to navigate the future of public education. Jenny knows that successful neighborhood schools, where children thrive, are the backbone of a strong community. We are grateful that Jenny Richardson is willing to continue serving on the Governing Board and ask you to join us in supporting her.”
Mayor John and Dawn Giles